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Set Up HKE360 / GO360 APP

Download HKE360 / GO360 APP and Install on Android Box / Tablet / Cell Phone. After installed, set up as follow:

Note 1: One subscription code only works on one device. Addition code is necessary for multiple devices.

Note 2: Factory Resetting or Changing TV box or Reinstalling APP need MEMBER ID / PASSWORD to resume.

1. Open HKE360 / GO360 APP

2. Make sure internet is connected. Now APP is running for a FREE TRIAL

3. LOGIN if you already have a MEMBER ID / PASSWORD i.e an existing customer
(e.g. member id: HK12345678 & password: 9012345678 which is generated by APP when you install it)

4. Otherwise, SIGNIN to register a new MEMBER ID / PASSWORD

5. Registration page pop up and Register as instructed

6. SIGN UP Success. It is important to WRITE DOWN OR PHOTO your MEMBER/ID and PASSWORD for futher usage

7. TRIAL VERSION is sucessfully installed

8. For FULL VERSION, SUBSCRIPTION CODE is input. Select Setting then User Top-Up

9. Select ACCOUNT RECHARGE to extend the subscription

10. Fill in SUBSCRIPTION CODE (Card Number and Password provided) then click CONFIRM

11. FULL VERSION is sucessfully installed. Note that 3 day trial at the top left corner is removed.

12. If error message #1402 occurred. Turn off and restart device. No need to enter code again.