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Set Up IPTV on STB Emulator APP

Download STB Emulator APP and Install on Android Box / Phone. After installed, set up as follow:

Note: One subscription only works on one device. Addition is necessary for multiple devices.

1. Open STB Emu APP

2. Select the menu button or hold down the OK button on the remote, then select settings

3. Under Common Settings, scroll down and select Network Settings

4. Uncheck the box for Enabled Network Cache, then click Back

5. Scroll down and select Profiles, then New Profile on the right side

6. Select Profile Name

7. Change profile name provided, then select OK

8. Select Portal Settings

9. Select Portal URL

10. Change portal URL provided, then select OK and click Back

11. Select STB Configuration

12. Select MAC Address

13. Write down the Mac Address (Do not change it).
Email or Text us for IPTV account setting, then click Back and SAVE Profile.
Now set up is done.

14. Once signal is on, Using Menu button or press OK button, open right side menu and scroll down to select Profile

15. STB Emulator now starts connecting to the server