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HKE360 LIVE TV App for 1 year

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APP Installation:

  • After APP download and install. Sign up for free trial.

  • While signing up, it is important to write down or photo up your Member ID and Password for further usage.

  • Buy subsciption code to recharge for 1 year service. Price: $60.

  • One subscription code only works on one device. Addition code is necessary for multiple devices.

  • Factory Resetting or Changing TV box or Reinstalling APP need MEMBER ID / PASSWORD to resume.

  • Learn more Steps to Set Up HKE360 / GO360 APP

APP Features:


Hong Kong - 24+
Taiwan - 58+
China - 49+
International - 67+
Malaysia - 59+
Japan - 52+
Korea - 30+
Sport - 46+
Kids - 10+
Vietnam - 30+
North American - 31+

Disclaimer: Information above is from content/app provider. All categories, no of channels, movies or videos may vary from time to time and are subject to change without notice.