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NET TV server is as same PV3 Box, a famous Chinese TV Box.

They have a combination of 3 apps:
  • North American TV Channels App
  • NET TV App - Movies and Episodes
  • VIP - The Adult Apps

Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, US, UK, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, India,

Philipine, Thailand, Bahasa Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and more...

FREE TRIAL: Download and Demo Code Request

  • After APP download and install.

  • Buy subsciption code to recharge for 1 year service. Price: $60.

  • One subscription code only works on one device. Addition code is necessary for multiple devices.

  • NO Factory Resetting or Changing TV box.

APP Features:

North American TV Channels

NET TV - Movies and Episodes

VIP - Adult Apps