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NET TV server is as same PV3 Box, a famous Chinese TV Box.

They have a combination of 3 apps:
  • NET TV App - Movies and Episodes
  • North American TV Channels App
  • VIP - The Adult Apps
Full and Trial version subscription code must be input to "NET TV App".

Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, US, UK, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, India,
Philipine, Thailand, Bahasa Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and more...

FREE TRIAL: Download and Demo Code Request

  • After APP download and install.

  • Buy subsciption code to recharge for 1 year service. Price: $60.

  • One subscription code only works on one device. Addition code is necessary for multiple devices.

  • NO Factory Resetting or Changing TV box.

APP Features:

North American TV Channels

NET TV - Movies and Episodes

VIP - Adult Apps