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LeBox TV BOX Model X

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LEBOX MODEL X is one of the family member from EVPAD.
It's customized design and specialized for North America user by EVPAD.

LEBOX MODEL-X is truly simple to to use:
Internet once connected, then good to go enjoy the streaming show.

LEBOX MODEL-X provide more shows:
Family member in any age enjoy any shows from different country of the world at any time,
like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South East Asia, North America and so on.

LEBOX MODEL-X equip with strong hardware
Ultra-powerful performance of CPU -- H616 Processor
High performance storage capacity 2G RAM + 32G ROM

LEBOX MODEL-X has much stable connection
WiFi 2.4GHz/5.8GHz

Channel Categories:

Hong Kong - 26
Taiwan - 162
China - 50
Malaysian - 81
Korean - 40
North Aamerican - 82
UK - 65
Japanese - 41
Bahasa Indonesia - 65
India - 34
Vietnanese - 10
Thailand - 19
Philippine - 14
Sport - 85
News - 68
Cambodia - 10

and more